I help expats open Thai bank accounts

Get a Thai bank account with online banking, debit card and all in-branch facilities – in under 45 mintues. 

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Documents needed

  • Passport with any valid visa type (visa exemption & tourist visa are fine)

  • 12-month lease agreement in Thailand OR a utility bill from your home country

  • 10,000THB to deposit into your account

How it Works

1. Documents reviwed

I will verify your passport, visa and lease or utility bill is acceptable by the bank

2. Schedule appointment

After verifying documents, a date is provided to create your bank account.

3. Meet up

We meetup in Bangkok create your own bank account (approx 45mins).

Here to help

If you need any help such as sending transfers, you can contact me.

client testimonials

Lim Hui

Exporter of Thai goods

“Setting up a bank account with June could not be easier. The process took less than one hour and I was able to set up PayPal to receive payments from clients.”

Roger Martin

Retired expat

“I walked into over a dozen branches and none of them let me open a Thai bank account because I did not have a work permit. I was referred to a friend by June and had my account setup with a debit card in an hour.”

The Williams Family

Expat Family

“June went above and beyond helping our family setup a joint-bank account,  she even showed us how to use the app and how to receive and send international transfers.”

Thai Bank Account

Account type: regular savings account
฿ 4,995
  • Use of all in-branch services
  • Debit card and book bank
  • Online banking + mobile banking
Most popular

Joint Thai Bank Account

Account type: regular savings account​
฿ 6,995
  • Use of all in-branch services
  • Debit card and book bank
  • Online banking + mobile banking
  • Joint account with two names

Contact Me

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Most frequent questions and answers

Banks include Citi Bank, Krung Si, UOB, K-bank and Bangkok Bank. After reviewing your documents I will advise on all available options.

You will need to keep at least 500฿ in your account. If your balance is under 500 ฿ the bank will charge your account a monthly fee of 50 ฿

The entire process takes 45 minutes, mostly filling forms and setting up your online banking details.

Your Thai bank account will be in your name only. This is why you’re required to visit the branch to sign all documents, set up your online banking and debit card.

You can setup a bank account on ANY visa type including a tourist visa and visa exemption.


If your current visa has expired and you’re overstaying in Thailand, you will not be allowed to create a Thai bank account.

Use the contact form below or add me on LINE at: BangkokHelper