Are you Thai?

Yes. I was born in Thailand and have lived here all my life.

How good is your English?

My English is not perfect, but it is more than strong enough to talk to westerners. I have worked in several western hotels and have a good command of the English language.

How do I make payment? 

I accept Thai Bank transfer, Skrill and PayPal. When using PayPal, I will ask for the sender to cover the transaction fee. I also take cash.

What is the payment structure?

I offer flexible payment options based on your needs. I will ask for a small deposit upfront for me to begin work, the rest we can agree via email.

Do you offer sexual services?


I do not offer any kind of explicit services and please don’t ask me in email or in person. Please respect me and don’t ask inappropriate questions such as asking me on a date if you do decide to hire my services.

My goal is to run a 100% respectable businesses helping expats get settled in Bangkok.


If you have any other questions to ask me, please use the contact form.