Are you an expat living in Bangkok and need a Thai bank account to make your stay here easier?

Have you visited Thai banks only to be rejected by the staff saying “cannot cannot” without giving you a reason other than “need work permit”?

You’re not the only one!

Yes, getting a Thai bank account in Thailand can be difficult, but it’s not impossible (see the happy expats below).

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Whether you have a tourist visa, visa on arrival stamp, or any other type of visa, I can help you obtain a Thai bank account if you have a valid passport.

Your bank account will be in your own name and come with:

  • Online banking
  • ATM debit card
  • Bank book

To be eligible you to need to meet the following  2 requirements:

  • Hold any valid visa (tourist visa or visa waiver is fine)
  • 12-month lease agreement in Thailand OR a bank statement or utility from your home country showing your full name and address (you can print this online from your Internet banking)

If you are interested in getting a Thai bank account setup, use the form below to get in touch with me to book an appointment for only 4,995฿.

I have currently helped over 156 expats obtain a Thai registered bank account in their name.

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